What exactly IS organic cotton?

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So what puts the organic into organic cotton then? Let us explain...!

Henri examining some of Frugi's organic cotton

Cotton is made from fibres produced by cotton plants, which are indeed, a humble, yet elegant shrub! Cotton plants like to grow where it is lovely and warm, and so they thrive in toasty countries like Africa and India. The plants produce gorgeous little fluffy balls of fibre, which look very much like balls of cotton wool!

Organic cotton, simply means that it is grown from non-GM plants, and without the use of agricultural chemicals, such as fertilizers or pesticides. So these wonderful plants haven’t been poked and prodded by scientists in a science lab, and they haven’t been tainted with yukky chemicals out in the fields.

The farmers are really clever and use natural alternatives to chemical based pesticideslike Neem Oil, which is ground from seeds, and insects such as bees, that like to dine on the cotton-eating pesks, and keep them at bay. They also intercrop so that other plants attract friendly bugs or deter unfriendly bugs so that their lovely cotton can bloom. Even cow urine is used to protect their cotton crops!

We're a little bit in love with organic cotton, it's better for the farmers (and their families) who grow it, the environment in which it is produced, the clever people who turn it into scrummy clothing, and the lucky people who wear it... and we'll be explaining how in the next few blog posts during 'Organic September'.