Organic India meets organic Cornwall

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Lucy, Amit and KatyLucy, Amit and Katy with St. Michaels mount                                          ............(Photo Adam Gibbard)                

Last week was a wonderful week in the lives of all of us at Frugi. You see, for the first time, the owner of our first ever organic cotton manufacturer in India braved the cold and came to visit us in frosty Cornwall.

It was great to see him. We have, of course, met Amit loads of times out at his beautiful factory in India, and once, memorably, at an airport in France! But in all these years he hasn't made it over to the UK. Well, he has now.

One thing that was a bit of a shock for him was the cold. We kept telling him that it was actually a very cold even threatened to snow in Cornwall which is quite rare. But he was quite amused to be togged up in hat, coat, scarf - he enjoyed it really! (Well, he said he did and we thought he looked a bit like 'Where's Wally')

So it was that we came to take him on a mini tour of Cornwall, stopping at Praa Sands and Marazion, taking in the delights of the wonderful St. Michaels Mount.

Of course, we talked business as well. But, in the main, we had a laugh had some nice meals and enjoyed his company.

Honestly, it was great to see him over here and 'show off' beautiful Cornwall.

Thanks Amit