Natural unbleached organic cotton baby gowns

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Great news guys, our natural organic baby gowns are back in stock today! A big old lorry has delivered gowns, baby bodies (Onsies) kimono's and more of our core basics.

I've got a bit of a thing for our natural baby gown, I must admit. It was one of those original WOW items that  just sold amazingly well, from the word 'Go' and has become a bit of a frugi classic!

Unbleached baby clothes The beautifil Frugi natural baby gown

Over the years we've had many variations of the gowns. My favourite of that was our Bee print, which was a major hit a couple of years back. Well, there's some great news on that... keep an eye out for AW13 as we're bringing some Frugi classic items back!! For anyone who is unfamilliar with the gown, it is designed to help out those night time nappy changes.

They have an elasticated bottom and allow easy access to change the nappy without upoppering baby grows and fiddling around. They are good for newborn to 6 months and mothers that have used them love them! 

And dont foerget the integral scratch mittens. Just fold over the sleeves and there you are. Protection from little shap nails. So all hail the Frugi baby gown.

Find them at all good Frugi retailers...