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Busy little Frugi bunnies

A little blog about the frugi today team

You know that everyone at Frugi is virtually obsessed with organic cotton clothes. (Kurt, especially, has a thing about getting dressed up in our breastfeeding dresses). Well from now on we’re going to be even more on it, as the Today department finally have their own outlet, in the form of the Frugi wholesale website.

The wholesale website will have glitches. Those pesky computer gremlins live for brand new website launches. However we will work and work and work to make this site brilliant, and make your lives ... ,our beloved Frugi retailer, easier.

We’re a happy little team, working like busy little Frugi bees to give you the best service possible. Here we are in the most boring photograph in the world, working away dreaming of organic cotton and how we can make the world a better place.