Frugi trade show alert - Kleine Fabriek Amsterdam

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The Frugi international sales team have packed up their troubles in their old kit bags and headed East to the Kleine Fabriek show in Amsterdam. It's our 1st time showing our lovely organic cotton baby and kids clothes at this show, so it's all a bit new.

Diana, who is Dutch, has packed her favourite pair of clogs and Emily, who is Cornish, has got her Cornish passport tucked safely away in her 'Kernow' branded holdall. (We've all noted that Emily has also tidied her desk, so we're wondering if she is planning to return or to make merry amongst the tulips? )

Everyone back here, at Frugi HQ, is wishing them all the best and we're, 'missing you already'.

Have a great show and spread the Frugi organic cotton love to everyone you meet!

See you next week