Frugi spring stock arriving

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Hi Everyone

Great news - our spring collections has started to arrive! A massive lorry has just been unloaded - I did help, honest.

I'm in the process of contacting everyone this week, to make sure that everyone is ready. In the new year it will be full steam ahead to get orders packed and out to you.

Last season we packed a lot of orders, and then spent a great deal of time contacting retailers to tell then that their order was packed and ready to go. Unfortunately, there were some customers who didn't get back to us and we had to chase and chase, which meant that stock that could have been packed for other customers who had items missing from their orders was stuck in someones elase box.

So, to help those customers who are 'on it' much more, we are only going to pack orders once they have been confirmed and we know that the retailer is primed and ready for us to send. This should benefit everyone.

Exciting stuff!!


Crikey, thats a big lorry That's a big old Lorry - Phew!!