Diana - our overseas Trade specialist

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Diana, From Frugi chillin in her Dungarees

Our Diana is out visiting lovely Frugi retailers in Europe at the moment, spreading the organic joy to our clothes retailers.

We're all missing her language skills, and Frugi HQ seems strangely quiet! The wholesale department are in constant contact with her but, as it's her birthday, we've written a little ditty for her...

Oh Diana, she’s so multilingual

She should record an album

Of dialects and languages

And then release a single.


Of conversations that she has

With people overseas

To talk, so people understand

In her denim dungarees!


She is so very European

Across borders she will pass

With a flirty smile, or a angry stare

Or a wiggle of her…backside.


So our Diana

Come and talk

Your cunning linguist greeting

And maybe we can join the fun

And discuss things, in a meeting.


Happy Birthday D