A very busy time

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Hi All


It's been a busy few months, here in Frugiland. All of our spring collection orders went out in January / February and most of our Summer collection is now in the shops and selling amazingly.

What has been of note is the amount of sales we've been hearing about, despite the weather in the UK and most of Europe. Everyone thought that the cold would slow things down, but we've had loads of re-orders from retailers who are in areas with snow!

The other big news is how well the new Nappies are doing. We love them and thought that they'd do well, but to actually getting re-orders of them so soon after launching is brilliant!

A new face in the office is Gordon. Gordon is American and can speak German. Many of you will have already spoken to him, and noted the accent. He's settled in really quickly, and is doing a great job. He will, obviously, be focusing on Germany and the U.S.A.

On the subject, sales to the states are going really well, especially that now that we have a USD $ pricelist, with a 'landed' door-to-door price. This has simplified everything for our retailers, which is great!

Also the € EURO pricelist and bank details are working well for everyone. Had a few issues with retailers who have forgotton  and have paid € into our £ account, but hopefully everyone is sorted now.

Lots of things coming up in the next few months to help you guys. Can't say what, at this stage, but we're looking at more ways we can support and help and are putting a lot of resource your way.

Cheers for now, from all the trade team